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Polaris Church

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Polaris Church

Click here to check out Polaris Church Website. Polaris is another name for The North Star.  For centuries, this star, this guiding light, has brought countless wanderers back home.  This sentiment is the heart of our church–to help bring wandering people back home to their loving God, through faith in Jesus Christ.  In Matthew 5:14 Jesus, tells us that we are the “light of the world.”  What better function does a light possess than to guide the lost safely home?  Our hope as a church is that we may truly be a light in our city and that many wanderers will finally be able to find some peace at home with their Father in Heaven.

You can give to Polaris Church by either clicking the link below or you can send a check to Polaris Church, 900 N. Waco #2304, Wichita, Kansas 67203.  These funds will be used for Polaris Church and the church plant, post launch.

You can give to Don’s Church by clicking here.

Donald and Taylor McCaig Picture

Don McCaig is our 3rd Church Plant Resident here at West E. Free Church. He came from Austin, TX where he has been in a church that he has helped move forward the past several years. Don is married to Taylor.

You can contact Don McCaig by emailing him.

Here is a message from Pastor Don McCaig.