West Evangelical Free Church – Wichita Church

Our Leadership and Staff

Our Staff


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  • Chris Rollman
    Chris Rollman
    Executive Pastor

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith
    Pastor of Adult Ministries

  • Ken Cooper
    Ken Cooper
    Lead Pastor

  • Stephen Christian
    Stephen Christian
    Pastor of Student Ministries

Worship Ministries

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  • Chris Derstein
    Chris Derstein
    Director of Worship Ministries

  • Tim Pile
    Tim Pile
    Director of Media/Production

  • Virginia Olson
    Virginia Olson
    Communications & Worship Administrative Assistant

Kids Ministries

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  • Carrie Farris
    Carrie Farris
    Kids Ministries Administrative Assistant

  • John Wohlford
    John Wohlford
    Preteen Ministry Leader & Tru Story Team Leader

  • Kim Wenzel
    Kim Wenzel
    Kids Ministry Team Leader

  • Teresa Gerace
    Teresa Gerace
    Nursery Coordinator

Adult Ministries

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  • Adam Leichner
    Adam Leichner
    Director of Young Adult Ministries

  • Julie Lee
    Julie Lee
    Adult Ministries Administrative Assistant

Administration & Communication

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  • Deb Sornson
    Deb Sornson
    Office Administrator

  • Mary Farthing
    Mary Farthing

  • Patty Owings
    Patty Owings


Church Planting

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  • Austin Abney
    Austin Abney
    Church Planter to BelAire, KS

  • Brandon Redic
    Brandon Redic
    Church Plant Resident--fall, 2014 to fall, 2015

  • Caleb Hastings
    Caleb Hastings
    Church Planter to Maize, KS

  • Chris Rollman
    Chris Rollman
    Executive Pastor

  • Don McCaig
    Don McCaig
    Church Planter to Riverside/downtown area

  • Trecia Tucker
    Trecia Tucker
    Church Planting Administrative Assistant